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You rely on your heating and cooling systems on a daily basis to control the temperature of your home and assist you with your everyday routine. Something so important needs to be properly taken care of by professionals with the knowledge and skill to ensure your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system runs smoothly and safely, especially if something happens to go wrong.

Cool Air Technologies has been providing a high-quality HVAC repair service, alongside maintenance and replacement of heating and cooling units since 1998, throughout the Orange County area of California.

Our HVAC contractors specialise in residential air conditioning replacement, heater installation and quality furnace repair service. Each member of staff has been fully trained, remaining up to date with the latest developments in the industry and has all of the relevant certificates and licenses to carry out work on the HVAC system in your home.

Air Conditioning Repair Irvine CA

The hard work of our amiable technicians saves you time and money, as we carry out an excellent standard of work, quickly and competently, with minimal disturbance to your home life. These values are ingrained in the company, helping us to put our customers first and share the multitude of HVAC experience we have to make your life a little easier.

All of our staff members are experienced in HVAC installation and air conditioner service; we will help you to navigate the process, taking into account your budget and the needs of your family. Our technicians work closely with all of the well-known brands in the country and will help you to choose the best model for your home or business.

If you have been searching for a service that carries out heating and air conditioning repair near me, Cool Air Technologies will diagnose the problem. Give you a fair firm price to fix it… Okay, it by you first before we do the work.
Our trucks are fully stocked with quality parts. And we offer free estimates on new equipment.

Local Air Conditioning Contractor Near By in Irvine California

Air Conditioning Repairs and Installations

In order to keep your air conditioning system at optimum efficiency, we highly recommend that you regularly check your equipment, ideally on a monthly basis. Try to clean out the filters to avoid any blockages or a buildup of dirt and grime. This should be done alongside a yearly inspection, undertaken by your air conditioning installation contractor, to identify and prevent any possible issues.

Around Here Air Conditioning Contractor Service in Irvine CA

The fan, belt, and compressor can all be affected by damp and mold due to the presence of water in your AC system, meaning it is essential to maintain your unit. Not doing so allows the problem to progress, which could lead to an unexpected breakdown.

Usually, your AC systems will last for around 10-15 years without any major problems. However, you will need to undertake some air conditioning repairs to make sure your HVAC unit maintains peak performance. We advise you to arrange for your AC to be evaluated in the spring months, as you will use it most often in the summertime. Any air condition repairs can be carried out prior to usage, increasing the productivity of your unit.

Blockages, leaks, and unusual activity such as noises, smells, or a lack of cool air can all be signs that there is a problem affecting your air conditioning system. Upon noticing any of these signs, contact Cool Air Technologies and describe the situation – we will send a technician out to your home immediately to tackle the issue with affordable home AC repair.

We offer central A C services, homes. Our technicians carry out air conditioning repairs on all types of systems, to ensure the individual needs of all of our customers are met to the highest possible standard.

We will not attempt to persuade you to buy any new parts or equipment during your A C repair if you do not require them and will make sure all the fixes we carry out are energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Heater Repair, Maintenance, and Installation

Your heating system and furnace also need to be evaluated on a regular basis by an HVAC worker, so that your home remains comfortable. Maintenance by the staff at Cool Air Technologies will ultimately save you money by prolonging the life span of your HVAC units and their equipment.

In the case of any problems occurring with your heating systems, Cool Air Technologies can use their technical expertise to offer you home heater repair. Your technicians will thoroughly explain the process to you so that you are aware of exactly what you are paying for to ensure that the HVAC systems work in your home.

Usually, your heating and cooling systems will last without any major problems. However, you will need to undertake some heater and furnace repairs to make sure your HVAC unit continues to work at optimal levels. Your heater or furnace should be checked in the summer, as this is used most during the colder, winter months.

Your technicians will never encourage you to invest in a replacement heater or furnace if it is unnecessary. However, sometimes it can be more cost-effective for you to have a new HVAC unit installed, as the cost of replacement parts can be expensive, depending on the age and usage of your system. Guidance is also provided for whatever type of heater or furnace you wish to purchase.

Air Conditioner Service Delivered with a Smile

We value the feedback of our clients and are dedicated to the uncompromising maintenance, repair, and replacement of your heating and cooling systems, throughout their life span. Browse the positive reviews and testimonials on our website from previously satisfied customers, which will assure the trustworthy nature of Cool Air Technologies. View detailed before and after examples of the work performed by our team, which will demonstrate the meticulously high standard we aim for.

Our customers, who have also commented on the affordability of our prices, have described our services as “A-plus.” The competitive pricing of our work enables us to retain loyal customers and strengthens our reputation as one of the best air conditioning companies in California.

This means you do not have to worry if you notice any issues occurring with your heating and cooling systems, as one of our technicians will be able to fix the problem at your convenience, for a fraction of the cost of other HVAC companies in the area.

Cool Air Technologies has a proven reputation for high quality, accommodating service, carried out with the skill and expertise that have allowed us to become one of the best heating and cooling company in Orange County, California.

A Family Run Business

Cool Air Technologies is one of the top heating and cooling companies in the Irvine region. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality customer service and authoritative technical ability within the industry, to cater to all of your HVAC needs.

Founder Bill McIntosh continues to service the heating and cooling requirements of both current and new customers in the community and has over two decades of experience. Our friendly staff will offer courteous and useful advice, which always comes with a smile.

Contact one of our technicians Monday-Friday by phone (949) 613-5358 – or online 24 hours trish@mycoolairtech.com. We will be happy to answer any of your questions or queries regarding your HVAC needs or the heating and cooling services we provide.

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*No Service Call Fee With Repair! An $85.00 Value

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What Our Clients Are Saying
Colleen Hennesay

When Mr. McIntosh came to my house with a big smile, he fixed my air conditioning service and I was expecting a big bill but actually was the half the price as what I had normally paid for my service and so I was very happy with that so he told me that I didn’t need a new air conditioning service. So, if you want A plus service with a smile, half the price, I think, this is the place to call. Cool Air Technologies

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